Here you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about Recover4all.
Does Recover4all require installation?

No. It can be run directly from any disk e.g. from a USB drive. Data recovery software that requires installation does often not make much sense, because installing a program can overwrite deleted files on the computer.

Where are my deleted files?

Recover4all lists deleted files in the folder from which they were deleted. Of course you will look there first. But if you can not find them there, there is still a chance that they will show up in a blue folder. Those folders contain files that could not be assigned a position in the existing file system. So if you can not find your files in yellow or green folders, look for them in possibly listed blue folders.

Can I recover to the same drive where the deleted files are?

No. Recover4all does deliberately not allow to recover files to the same drive, because the deleted files could be overwritten.

Where can I recover my files?

You can for instance recover to an attached USB drive. You can also recover to network drives which are mapped to drive letters.

Why can`t I open a recovered file?

Files that can not be opened are corrupted. The deleted files have either already been overwritten to some extent with other files or they could not be correctly reassembled.

Though Recover4all displays recovery chances to the best of its knowledge, even green files with "good" recovery chances can turn out to be corrupted. Example: file A is deleted and overwritten with file B. Recover4all will display file A as a red (overwritten) file. But if file B is later also deleted and overwritten, Recover4all will not find file B that overwrote file A. Recover4all will then show file A as a green (not overwritten) file.

Which operating systems are supported?

The program runs under Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and all Windows Server versions.

Which file systems are supported?

Recover4all Professional can recover deleted files from local drives with FAT and NTFS file systems.

Does the full version find more files?

All files that can possibly be recovered by the full version are already displayed in the unregistered version.

How can I buy the full version?

To purchase the full version please click here

How can I get support?

Please shoot us an email at

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