Searching deleted files

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In the first step you search for deleted files and in the second step you recover them. To search for deleted files, please choose a drive from the menu:

Alternatively, double-click the drive icon :

Or click on :

After the scan has finished, you can find your files in Recover4all`s easy Explorer-style interface:


Recover4all employs the following symbols:

Deleted file. A green file is presumably not overwritten and can in most (not all) cases be recovered.

Deleted file with overwritten clusters. A red file can not be fully recovered.

Deleted file. The question mark indicates that only parts of the deep analysis could be carried out. This is normal for certain file types like text files. It does not mean that Rec4all found any problems. The calculation of recovery chances is less reliable than for green files. On NTFS drives this does not influence the recovery process. On FAT drives the recovery chances can actually be lower than for green files, but only in rare cases.

Deleted directory.

Normal directory just as displayed by Windows Explorer.

Deleted directory which was found in the deep scan. The parent directory of this directory does no longer exist, not even as a deleted directory. Blue directories can have subdirectories because Rec4all will reconstruct the file system as far as possible.

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